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Medium Party
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Perfect for playing music from a phone or laptop at mid-size parties and events, but really this system comes to life for bands that want to make an impression! This is a powerful sound system with two mid-tops mounted on two subs. Needs a large car or small van to transport, but we offer delivery and set-up.


2 x Martin Audio F12 Speakers
2 x Martin Audio S16 Subwoofers
1 x Amplifier and Controller Rack
1 x 4-Channel mixer
1 x RCA - 3.5mm jack cable (for phones/laptops)
4 x XLR Cables
4 x Speakon Cables
3 x 13a Power extensions

Coverage Examples:

Speech: 200 people
Background music: 175 people
Loud music / Performance: 150 people

Ideal Power Source:

A 16amp supply or greater is ideal, but a domestic (13a) socket will be enough to power the system. Having additional sockets available is ideal, and some of the Extras will require additional sockets. If running from a generator, please get in touch.

How to book:

Call:  01903 368 798


Message:  Using the form below, please include as much detail as possible, such as location, venue type, indoor/outdoor and attendance.

Gradient Purple Blue

Setup: £20/h

We set the PA up for you and show you how to control it.

Delivery/Collection: 50p/mi + £20/h

Delivery and collection of equipment. Minimum order £250.

Microphone: £6 each

A wired vocal mic (Shure SM58) with cable and stand.

Wireless Microphone: £20 each

A wireless vocal mic with cable and stand.

Band Mic Package: £24

Mics and DI boxes for a band (up to 10 items).

Large Band Mic Package: £48

Mics and DI boxes for a band (10 to 20 items).

12 Channel Mixer: £5

Upgrade the mixer if you need more than 4 inputs.

Lights: £30  (Pair for £50)

Several lighting effects including a strobe and laser that can be triggered by music or controlled by remote, mounted on a single stand. 

Sound Technician: £180 / 8h day

Mixing, monitoring, other technical work​. 

Additional hours charged at £30/h

Crew: £25/hour

General crew to help with event logistics if required

A full 8h day is charged at £120

£150 / day

VAT is included

VAT included in all prices

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