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Event Production


Live Sound

Audio is the focus of our operations; our great passion - and the reason our company exists. From years of producing (and attending!) events, working as technicians, producing, recording and performing, we know how things should sound for the audience and the artist and how to make it happen. 


We plan and build our productions attentively according to the vision of our clients, adapting to the unique qualities of each venue and production. Our aim is to exceed expectations, and share our love of great sound!


Our team has a huge range of experience from different live sound environments, ensuring we’re as well equipped to tackle a basic public address event as we are a full orchestra; and everything in between. 

As an audio company we focus on what we do best. By working closely with our national network of partners, we source and supply the best in Lighting, Staging & Marquees, Power supply and distribution, Bands and DJs and much more. 

System Engineer - Stage Light Sound LTD Boomtown Fair 2019
Danley Sound Labs J3-94 - Screen On The Green 2019

   We are proud to be a UK Rental Partner of Danley Sound Labs, who we believe are truly creating a new and better way to experience live sound, both as a supplier and a listener.

Danley Sound Labs TH118XL / SM80 Setup

Sound Systems

We only stock speakers that we personally enjoy listening to and working with, even our smallest systems have been chosen because we love the way they sound. Our equipment is modern and efficient, allowing a quick and easy setup in touring environments.


Our main focus is clarity - ensuring everyone in the audience can hear clearly. From public address announcements over large sites to bands on festival stages everything we supply is suitable, capable and appropriate. Using software modelling, we can predict the coverage and response of our equipment to ensure the sound goes where we want it - and just as importantly, with modern noise management restrictions, that it doesn't go where it shouldn’t!  


We’ve always preferred a point-source approach to sound reinforcement because of the excellent fidelity and coherence inherent in their design. For any events exceeding 200 cap we now supply Danley Sound Labs' range of Synergy Horns and DNA20K4 power amplifiers, discussed in more detail on our Danley Sound Labs page. The systems we stock can cover up to a couple of thousand people (source / venue dependent) however, through our network with the other partners of Danley UK we can supply a system for any purpose or size.

Our approach to sound reinforcement allows us to use less speakers, less amplifiers, less power and less truck space whilst maintaining a discreet visual footprint and most importantly - providing exceptional sound quality. 



It’s imperative that performers can hear themselves accurately and clearly; ensuring they’re comfortable on stage is essential to getting the best performance possible. 

Our go-to stage monitor for riders, larger events and bigger festival stages is the highly rated D&B M4 run from D20 power amplifiers. The D&B M4 is a very desirable monitor accepted on most riders, providing outstanding quality and sufficient output for most situations. Where side fills, drum fills or DJ monitoring are required, we’re able to provide solutions. 

For smaller events we use HK Audio’s range of active stage monitors, which we’ve found to be more than sufficient on smaller stages / festivals. They have less output and range than the D&B M4’s, but they hold their ground very well, especially with vocals and have been a fantastic workhorse for us over the last few years.

Every artist has different monitoring preferences and requirements, especially in the present age where silent stages, in-ear monitoring and many other techniques are widespread. We’ll always work alongside you to ensure you get great results, using whatever combination of foldback your production needs.

Our standard setup provides 16 individual mono mixes (8 stereo) . We don’t usually supply in-ear monitoring but are able to source them and mix for them when required.

Mixing Monitors for Congo Natty, Wilkswood reggae festival 2019 for Stage Light Sound LTD
Danley Sound Labs SH96HO - Armed Forces Day 2019
HK Audio monitoring supplied for Harry and The Hounds
Full Productio for Hello Again - The Neil Diamond show at Harlow Playhouse
Danley Sound Labs SM80 Loudspeaker


Allen & Heath SQ7

Our consoles have been chosen to cover a wide range of applications and environments ensuring we’ve got something appropriate for every type of production. Our latest console, and our current go-to consoles are from Allen & Heath’s latest SQ series of which we stock the SQ7 for front of house and the SQ6 for monitoring. 

After assessing the market last year and demoing a few options, we chose the SQ series for it’s 96kHz core audio, endless modularity and low latency software integration. These consoles also offer plenty of options for stage box expansions and the additional options to record performances live using our mobile recording setup. 

We also stock other digital consoles from Behringer and some alternative analogue consoles from Allen & Heath and Soundcraft. 

For events where a higher spec console is required we can provide consoles from Digico’s S series.

ILive T112


As our focus and passion lies within audio, we only stock basic lighting equipment such as LED pars, basic moving heads and lasers. A great light show can transform a production and venue, so we always work alongside our trusted partners when a truly spectacular light show is required. This allows us to provide the latest equipment from Robe and Chauvet among many other brands. 

We have technicians who work with us to plot and design your show, ensuring your venue or stage looks the way you want!

We’ll take care of everything from vision to deployment on our end, ensuring the lighting is included within your production without having to consult anyone else. 

Xmas Lights Switch On
Town Show

The right choice of microphone ensures we capture each instrument or voice accurately. Many technicians and artists have preferences and know what works best for them, and so do we! So we ensure we stock enough variety to meet everyone's needs and requirements. 

Through our production and studio stock we have collected a comprehensive selection of microphones and DI boxes, including wireless, boundary and contact microphones. We stock most of the industry standard dynamic and condenser instrument and vocal microphones.

We stock equipment from Radial, BSS, Klark Teknik, Shure, AKG, SE Electronics, Sennheiser, Audix, DPA, Sontronics and many more. If your production requires a different form of amplification, just ask and we'll supply and implement a solution.


Crimson Studio Beach Day
Sound Technician

No production is at its best without a good crew, so we ensure you’re always in good hands when working with us. We utilize our in-house team for most events and use our network of trusted and reliable freelancers when more people are required. 

Whatever your project, you’ll be assigned a project manager to ensure that your production is right from conception to the show itself. All of our productions are overseen by our FOH technician / System Engineer Joe, ensuring everything is as it should be, and optimized for its purpose. 

We’re also able to supply crew to cover lighting, stage management, stage tech, monitor techs and much more!


Sound Techncian
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