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Know Better Sound

Know Better Sound

SM80s and TH118XLs

We are now privileged to be a Rental Partner of Danley Sound Labs UK, a step in the right direction for the future of sound reinforcements at events. The latest additions to our inventory are the SM80 molded synergy horn, the TH118XL tapped horn subwoofer and the SH96-HOT Synergy horn, expanding our capabilities significantly. 

We’ve been following Tom Danley and Danley Sound Labs for a long time, inspired and fascinated by the innovative technology Tom has designed, and more recently, Danley’s ever expanding range of commercially available loudspeakers. Tom’s portfolio encompasses a huge variety of projects, from working with NASA to designing solutions for the military, consistently demonstrating the forward-thinking approach he’s brought to loudspeaker and subwoofer design.

Getting to the position of having these loudspeakers available in the UK thanks to the hard work of Neuron Pro Audio and Danley Sound Labs UK has been very exciting, and adding their products to our inventory is a dream come true. Danley speakers are now being deployed for more UK events all the time, including Glastonbury, Boomtown & We Out Here.

To be able to achieve such output, intelligibility and clarity in so small a package embodies the spirit of efficiency and simplicity that we have always believed in, and we’re truly excited to be a part of sharing this technology throughout the UK.

Danley Sound Labs


Danley’s range of loudspeakers and subwoofers achieve greater output, better pattern control, excellent coherence and unrivalled fidelity; whilst simultaneously providing exceptional output for their size, making them a viable alternative to the Line Array systems that are typically deployed for most larger events. We’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to use, and now stock, products from the Synergy Horn range, Boundary Complaint Subwoofer range and the Tapped Horn Subwoofer range and we’ve been beyond impressed with each - for their ease of use, clarity and coverage. 

Danley Sound Labs Synergy Horns, such as the SH96HO-T, see many drivers within a single horn. The Synergy crossover network integrates and synchronizes each individual driver, combining and uniting their outputs. This results in a single efficient, accurate and truly point-source cabinet. What makes a Synergy Horn unique?.

This method provides a number of advantages over traditional horn design, including exceptional clarity at long distance thanks to reduced off-axis distortion, exceptional fidelity, courtesy of accurate phase alignment and greater control for the operator, thanks to exceptional pattern control creating a truly full-range point source system. 

In the case of the amazing J3-94, one of Danley’s larger Synergy Horns, these principles allow a single loudspeaker to perform comparitevely to a Line Array. Check out Danleys Concert Comparison to see just how well a single loudspeaker performs in comparison to 20 boxes of well known line arrays from various manufacturers. You can also read here about why Danley Sound Labs believe so strongly in their approach vs Line Arrays.

Danley Sound Labs range of unique subwoofers is also remarkable. Before changing to Danley Sound Labs we’d previously experimented with custom made 21” Tapped Horn Subwoofers, finding the efficiency and low end response remarkable. The TH118XLs show the true capabilities of a Tapped Horn in a whole new light for us. The exceptional output comparable to some dual 18” boxes (And in some cases a pair of dual 18”s) is achieved essentially by coupling both sides of the drivers energy, resulting in more than twice the output of a reflex box with increased fidelity and musicality. We’ve found the TH118XL’s low frequency reproduction to be outstandingly accurate, ensuring you always get the punch a tapped horn provides whilst maintaining a heavy bassline.  

For larger events and those where noise regulations are more of a concern, the BC218 / BC415 is a fantastic solution. With phenomenal output and incredible directivity, these subwoofers remove the need for larger cardioid arrays whilst maintaining truly impressive directivity - keeping the low end where it should be!


Danley Sound Labs products allow for not only a better sound, but also a more economical deployment with less truck space, less build and rigging time, fewer power amplifier channels and fewer boxes to move - Resulting in a significantly “greener” method of providing sound reinforcement.

The Technology

J3 Wireframe
J3-94 / BC218 / BC415 / SH96HO on The Scrapyard, Boomtown with Stage Light Sound
J3-94 / BC218 / SH50 - SLS Great Dorset Steam Fair
SH96HO / BC218 / BC415 Wilkswood Reggae Festival
Danley SM80

SM80 Molded Synergy Horn

Our SM80s are now our go-to cabinet for most smaller events, or events up to 800 people, depending on the program material. Dubbed as “The most powerful, pole mount portable PA ever created”, the SM80 is a molded version of Danley’s synergy horn range providing an impressive 80 x 80 dispersion.


We chose the SM80s based on ease of deployment, simple operation and, most importantly, outstanding clarity even at a distance.


In the case of the SM80, less really is more! The cabinet consists only of a single 12” coaxial driver, loaded such that the low frequencies from the outer edge of the cone and the HF coming from the back of the driver enters the horn at separate points, coordinated by a bespoke crossover network. The result is superb pattern control and a coherent response throughout the crossover range - something a comparable multi box system would not be able to maintain.

Danley SM80 / TH118XL
Danley SM80

TH118XL Subwoofer

The perfect building block for any venues low end, indoor or outdoors!


Our TH118XLs, modified with wheel boards for ease of use whilst touring, provide exceptional output, accuracy and efficiency in a manageable sized box! The XL's range reaches a touch lower than the standard TH118 due to the increased cabinet size. 

TH118 Wireframe


We’ve purchased our SH96HO-Ts for our larger outdoor events, demonstrating them this year on a variety of events. This cabinet combines 11 individual drivers ( 4 x 15” LF, 6 x 4” MF and 1 x 1.4” HF driver) into a single source.


This provides truly remarkable output and clarity from a single loudspeaker, allowing us this year to cover a 100m x 50m arena and the surrounding park area with exceptional fidelity with only 2 loudspeakers, flown at 5m (higher would have been ideal!). 

On this occasion, we only used the system for playback / vocal announcements; for a different source we’d likely use the J3’s for this size area. You can see an example video HERE of the performance 60m away, in strong winds!

Danley SH96HO-T
Danley SH96HO-T with Bumper-Bar

J3-94 “Jericho”

The J3-94, aptly named the “Jericho” Horn, combines a total of 18 drivers (6 x 15” LF, 8 x 6.5” MF and 4 x 1.4” HF) into a single horn with a 90 x 40 dispersion.


These are our personal favourites from the Synergy Horn series because of their exceptionally natural sound and brutal power output.


Just 2 of these boxes can adequately cover audiences in the thousands! Each J3 requires its own DNA20K4 power amplifier, providing 2 channels for the LF, one for the MF and one for the HF.

Danley J3-94


For all of the products we supply, we use the Danley DNA20K4 power amplifiers. These power amplifiers are made by Linea Research and then loaded with all of the relevant presets, providing accurate limiting and plenty of performance parameters to monitor performance.


We choose these amplifiers for the ease of use, AES / Dante integration, and the phenomenal output they provide for their size! 

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